Scientific scopes of journal

The scientific journal “Processes in GeoMedia” publishes new results of theoretical and experimental studies of the processes in the bowels of the solid Earth, the Ocean and the Atmosphere, particular attention is paid to geomechanical aspects of the production of hydrocarbons, including laboriously extracting reserves.
Ecological problems of the biosphere, the human impact on the environment, methods of geophysical studies are within the range of interest of the scientific journal. Introduction in a single edition the results of a studies of geophysical processes occurring in various spheres, including those of anthropogenic nature, is unique and should promote integration and intensification of the development, to contribute to the effectiveness and practical significance of the research.

The journal publishes experimental and theoretical studies (reviews, papers) on the following topics: mechanics of fluid, gas and plasma; mechanics of deformable solids; acoustics; hydrology, water resources, hydrochemistry; oceanology; physics of atmosphere and hydrosphere; geophysics, geophysical methods of mineral exploration; geo-ecology; geotectonics and geodynamics.