“Processes in GeoMedia” Issue 4 (26) 2020 – Contents

Batukhtin I.V., Besedina A.N., Gorbunova E.M., Petukhova S.M. Dynamic deformation of fluid-saturated collectors by precision hydrogeological monitoring at «Mikhnevo» geophysical observatory (pp. 867-876)

Bulatov V.V., Vladimirov Yu.V., Vladimirov I.Yu. Internal gravity waves far fields dynamics in ocean with an arbitrary buoyancy frequency distribution (pp. 877-884)

Gladskikh D.S., Mortikov E.V., Stepanenko V.M. Numerical simulation of turbulent mixing and of biochemical substances transport in inland waters (pp. 885-891)

Demyshev S.G., Evstigneeva N.A. Analysis of water circulation dynamic and energy characteristics near the Western Crimea coast and Sevastopol city on the basis of hydrological surveys data assimilation for 2007-2009 in numerical model of dynamics (pp. 892-901)

Dubravin V.F., Stont Zh.I. Long period (seasonal and inter-annual) variability of air temperature in the Baltic region (pp. 902-909)

Kabatchenko I.M., Brekhovskikh A.L., Kluyev M.S., Korshenko E.A., Reznikov M.V., Fomin V.V. Sedimentation of suspended matter in the North-Eastern part of the Black Sea (pp. 910-917)

Malyukov V.P. Mass transfer and boundary layer detachment under the aqueous solution effect on rock salt (pp. 918-930)

Nesterov S.V., Baydulov V.G. On the stability of the interface between two heavy fluids in a fast oscillating vessel (pp. 931-935)

Malyukov V.P., Shepilev A.A. Technologies for underground reservoirs construction at dissolution of rock salt (pp. 936-940)

Pakhnenko V.P. Features of admixture dynamics in the fluid depth for complex vortex with free surface (pp. 941-947)

Riabova S.A. Study of variations in the parameters of the electric field during the period of magnetic storm in 2018 (pp. 948-956)

Savenko A.V., Savenko V.S. Effect of freezing on the stability of dissolved silica in natural waters (pp. 957-960)

Tkachenko E.V., Debolskiy A.V., Mortikov E.V. Numerical analysis of the external influence on evening transition in atmospheric boundary layer (pp. 961-969)

Fedin K.V., Kolesnikov Yu.I., Ngomayeswe L. Identification of hollow chambers under the anchoring concrete plates for the top slopes of the Novosibirsk Hepp dam by acoustic noise (pp. 970-975)

Schreider A.A., Sazhneva. A.E., Kluyev M.S., Brekhovskikh A.L., Bohoyo F., Galindo-Zaldivar J., Morales C., Evsenko E.I. Geochronology and kinematic model of development for the Powell Basin bottom in the North-West part of the Weddell Sea (pp. 976-983)

Yusupov Yu.I. Study of the tropospheric potential vorticity structure on the meso- scale during deep moist convection applying WRF-ARW model (pp. 984-989)