«Processes in GeoMedia» Volume 4 (13) 2017 – Contents

Bayankina T.V., Godin E.A., Zhuk E.V., Ingerov A.V., Isaeva E.A., Khaliulin A.Kh. Information resources of Marine hydrophysical institute of the RAS

Dunaev N.N. The problem of late quaternary glacioisostasy in the development of the mountainous coastal sea zone (on the example of the South Georgia Island, Antarctica)

Dunaev N.N., Leont’ev I.O., Repkina T.Y., Herrera J.F. Contribution of mathematical modeling in ecological safety support of the sea coastal zone (on the example of the Varadero area, Cuba)

Matyushin P.V. Classification of the regimes of the stratified viscous fluid flows around disc

Nosov V.N., Ivanov S.G., Pogonin V.I., Timonin V.I., Zevakin E.A., Zavyalov N.A., Savin A.S. Impact of hydrodynamic perturbations on dispersion characteristics of a near-surface water aerosol

Orlova N.S., Volik M.V. Investigation of the influence of boundary conditions on the results of the rockfall modeling

Polnikov V.G., Zilitinkevich N.S., Pogarskii F.A., Kubryakov А.А. Comparative evaluation of accuracy of numerical wave models based on satellite altimetry data

Saprykina Ya.V., Kuznetsova O.A. Influence of wave transformation above the underwater bottom relief features on the retreat of the shore line during the storm

Solovyev A.A., Solovev D.A. The choice of the areas with minimum storm impact under the extreme weather conditions

Tsyganova M.V., Lemeshko E.M. Factors controlling the annual variability of the chlorophyll concentration in the North-Western part of the Black Sea