“Processes in GeoMedia” Issue 3 (25) 2020 – Contents

Boskachev R.V., Chubarenko B.V., Kondrashov A.A., Korzh A.O. Instrumental inclinometric measurements of flows of the pregolya and deima rivers during a period 10.12 – 26.12.2019 (747-754)

Brekhovskikh A.L., Klyuev M.S., Sazhneva A.E., Shreider A.A., Zverev A.S. About the principles of seismoacoustic study of paloestructures of the sea bottom of the coastal zone (on the example of Blue Bay) (755-763)

Bukatov A.A., Pavlenko E.A., Solovey N.M. Influence of the continental runoff on the density stratification of the Barents and Kara Seas (764-771)

Bulatov V.V., Vladimirov Yu.V. Far internal gravity waves fields from non-local disturbance source (772-779)

Enikeev I. Kh. The calculation scheme for purification of industrial emissions in inertial nozzle type separators (780-786)

Zakharova E.V., Fomin V.V., Ladokhina E.M., Rubinshtein K.G., Diansky N.A. Study of the impact of saint petersburg flood prevention facility complex on the hydrothermodynamic characteristics of the neva bay during a strong storm surge on october 1-2, 2019 (787-796)

Kochergin V.S., Kochergin S.V. Identification of suspended matter flows on the sea bottom by remote sensing data based on the variational assimilation algorithm (797-802)

Kuznetsov M.A., Edemsky D.E. Geological and geomorphological shore structure of the central part of Kasatka Bay (Iturup Island, South Kuril Islands) (803-813)

Kuzminova I.V. Bringing geophysical fields of scalar, vector and tensor origins to a single type in the interpretation of the study results for the horizontal wells of complex geometry (814-821)

Malakhova T.V., Budnikov A.A., Ivanova I.N., Murashova A.I. Methane fluid emission from the seabed: comparison of measured flow at laspi bay seepage area with flows in other gas emission regions (822-830)

Neguritsa D.L., Tereshin A.A., Medvedev E.A. Features of geomonitoring of an underground complex in megalopolis during freezing of soil-rock mass (831-838)

Nosov V.N., Ivanov S.G., Kaledin S.B., Savin A.S. The effect of perturbations in marine environment on optical parameters of near-water atmospheric layer (839-844)

Pososhkov V.L. Analysis of extreme daily atmospheric precipitation in the black sea regions based on the max-spectrum approach (845-850)

Stefantsev L.A. Analysis of sources of errors in measurements of the spectral brightness coefficient of the sea (851-859)

Schreider A.A., Brehovskih A.L., Sazhneva A.E., Kluev M.S., Rakitin I.Ya., Galindo-Zaldivar J., Evsenko E.I., Greenberg O.V. Bottom of the Lomonosov Ridge pole area kinematics in Arctic (860-865)