“Processes in GeoMedia” Issue 2 (24) 2020 – Contents

Armando Z., Olivio A.P. Geological and electromagnetic study of Lunda Region (Angola) (649-654)

Gadyatov V.G., Kalugin P.I., Demidenko A.I. Far-Eastern gemstone province: mineragenic zoning, spatial placement of semiprecious gems deposits (655-661)

Zatsepa S.N., Ivchenko A.A., Zhuravel V.I., Solbakov V.V. Study of pseudo-component model of oil evaporation on the sea surface sensitivity to variations of parameters (662-674)

Karev V.I., Kovalenko Yu.F. Prospects for geomechanical approach application to the development of fields with low-permeability reservoirs (675-683)

Kistovich A.V. Sound generation in the marine environment by a beam of high-energy particles (684-695)

Mikhailichenko S.Yu., Ivancha E.V., Bazykina A.Yu. Numerical simulation of single wave interaction with underwater groyne in a model reservoir (696-701)

Chen L. Development technology for Priobskoye Field with low permeability of productive formations (702-709)

Petukhova S.M. Influence of exogenous factors on hydrogeological situation (example GO Mikhnevo) (710-717)

Slepchuk К.А. Modelling of the Sevastopol Bay temperature and salinity fields during hydrological winter (718-722)

Sokolov V.A., Apuhtina S.P., Pokazeev K.V. Consideration of the empirical statistics of marine waters in the calculations of hydrological fields climatic changes in the surface layer of the Black sea (723-731)

Trimonova M.A., Faskheev I.O. Plastic properties Influence on hydraulic fracturing operation (732-737)

Shybanov E.B. Simulation of depth regime in the sea using field data on the volume scattering function (738-745)