“Processes in GeoMedia” Issue 1 (23) 2020 – Contents

Butov K.A. Underground hydrogen storage. principal challenges of the transition to the “green power industry” (553-560)

Goncharenko B.I. Study of the orientation formation for noise emitted by passing electric train (561-566)

Golubev V.I., Ekimenko A.V., Nikitin I.S., Golubeva Yu.A. Simulation of seismic responses from the Bazhenov Formation based on the continuum model of layered media (567-576)

Kistovich A.V. Internal waves emission and propagation in natural entity with variable buoyancy frequency (577-585)

Kolomoets A.V., Snachev A.V. Geology and petrogeochemical features of the Kumak Ore Field carbon deposits (586-593)

Kochergin V.S., Kochergin S.V. Determination of the time variable power of a point pollution source in the Azov Sea based on a variational assimilation algorithm (594-598)

Naumov I.V., Chaplina T.O., Stepanova E.V. Study of the vortex flow inductor effect on form of two immiscible liquids interface (599-610)

Nosov V.N., Ivanov S.G., Pogonin V.I., Kaledin S.B., Zevakin E.A., Zavyalov N.A. Study of influece of the screw propeller working towards the flow on parameters of near water aerosol (611-616)

Savenko V.S. Geochemistry of the World river runoff of solid matter (617-625)

Fedin K.V., Kolesnikov Yu.I., Dugarov G.A., Beysembaev R.N. Research of reflection of elastic waves from rough borders (physical modeling) (626-634)

Schreider A.A., Sazhneva A.E. Madagascar chip from India (635-639)

Yakovlev B.A. The mini-golf ball balance identification in high-viscous liquid (640-644)

In memoriam of academician Lisitzin A.P. (645-647)