«Processes in GeoMedia» Volume 3 (12) 2017 – Contents

Bayankina T.M., Sizov A.A., Jurovskij A.V. On the role of cold invasion in the formation of the Black sea winter surface temperature anomaly

Bukatov A.E., Pavlenko E.A.The spatial and temporal variability of distribution of the buoyancy frequency in the Chukchi sea

Gomorev I.A., Pogarskii F.A., Polnikov V.G. The relationship of the wind field variability over the Indian Ocean zones with the south oscillation index by means of principle component analysis

Zakharchenko O.A., Molodenskiy D.S., Shirshin E.A. Determination of physico-chemical parameters of colloids by the method of small angle X-ray scattering with the purpose of forecasting of the migration of related ecotoxicants in the hydrosphere

Ivanov V.A., Sovga E.E., Katunina E.V., Kotelyanets E.A. Seasonal variability of self-cleaning ability of the coastal waters ecosystem of the Herakleian peninsula in relation to petroleum products

Nechaev A.M., Solovyev A.A., Soloviev D.A. To the question about the formation mechanism of tropical cyclone

Pakhnenko V.P., Stepanova E.V., Chaplina T.O. Features of solid and soluble markers moovement on the surface of vortex flow

Yu.Yu. Plaksina, Yu.K. Rudenko, A.V. Pushtaev, N.A. Vinnichenko, A.V.Uvarov Onset of convection in near-surface layer of the liquid

Savenko A.V., Savenko V.S. Assessment of parameters of sorption–sedimentation silicium transport with calcium carbonate in the world-wide Ocean

Sidorin Yu.V., Ustinov K.B., Kovalenko Yu.F., Stepanova E.V. Experimental study of sedimentary rocks deformation properties dependence on loading history

Shakirov S.M., Perminova I.V., Fadeev V.V. Optical methods for diagnosing the aggregation of particles of dissolved organic matter in aqueous media over a wide range of concentrations

Schreider Al.A., Schreider A.A., Sazhneva A.E., Galindo–Zaldivar J., Ruano P., Maldonado A., Martos Y., Lobo F., Bohoyo F. Features quaternary sedimentation and bottom currents in the Scan basin (Scotia sea)