«Processes in GeoMedia» Volume 2 (11) 2017 – Contents

Bazykina A.Yu., Fomin V.V. Propagation of a single long wave in the bays with U-shaped cross-section form

Bukatov A.E., Solovei N.M. Evaluation of the density field vertical structure and the characteristics of internal waves relation with large-scale atmospheric circulation in the Peruvian and Benguela upwelling areas

Volkova A.A., Gritsenko V.A. The characteristics study to the collapse of salt water finite volume surrounded by fresh water depending on its initial form on the bottom slope

Zapevalov A.S. Surface waves group structure modelling

Ivanov V.A., Kraevskij K.E., Lemeshko E.M., Prusov A.V., Shokurov M.V. The reconstruction of extreme flood event in the south coast region of Crimea

Karev V.I., Kovalenko Yu.F., Sidorin Yu.V., Stepanova E.V., Ustinov K.B. Modeling of fluid seapage in well at great depths accounting the anisotropy of reservoir strength properties

Nosov V.N., Ivanov S.G., Kaledin S.B., Savin A.S. Registration of deep processes display in the nearsurface layers of sea water and atmosphere

Orlova N.S., Volik M.V. Simulation of street canyons air flow using the OpenFOAM package

Savenko V.S. About one disregarded mechanism of the atmospheric CO2 immobilization by terrestrial ecosystems

Kholoptsev А.V. Variability of atmospheric pressure distribution on the earth surface and lunar-solar tides

Schreider Al.A., Schreider A.A., Galindo-Zaldivar J., Kluev M.S., Evsenko E.I., Olhovsky S.V., Sajneva A.E., Zaharov E.V., Chizhikov V.V., Brehovskih A.L., Rakitin I.Ya., Grinberg O.V. The first data on the geology-archeologic study of the black sea Taman gulf Patrey shelf