«Processes in GeoMedia» Volume 1 (10) 2017 – Contents

Dunaev N.N. The problems of the coastal zone at the ecology year of Russia

Zapevalov A.S. Probability density function of the slopes moduli

Zaslavsky Yu.M. On analysis of Doppler effect for lateral wave

Zyryanov V.N., Chebanova M.K. Experimental studies of the right and left bays asymmetry in the tidal waves dynamics

Ivanov V.A., Ryabtsev Ju.N. Modeling transport suspended waste outlet of the cape fiolent

Karev V.I., Shevtsov N.I.Identification of geomechanical model parameters using geophysical and laboratory methods

Kuznetsova O.A., Saprykina Ya.V. Intra-annual storm deformations of sandy beach by an example of Kamchia-Shkorpilovtsi coast (Black sea, Bulgaria)

Poterukhina I.V. Numerical simulation of stock currents on the example of inflow of water from the Vistula lagoon into coastal waters of the Baltic sea through the Baltic strait

Rusakov V.Yu., Kuzmina T.G. Geochemical studies of the Gakkel ridge sediments by means of multivariate statistical analysis

Slepchuk K.A., Khmara T.V., Mankovskaya E.V. Level of eutrophication of the shallow water areas based on the simulated E-TRIX index

Schreider A.A., Schreider Al.A., Klyuev M.S., Sajneva A.E. Paleomagnetic anomalies in the Arctic Ocean Laptev sea