«Processes in GeoMedia» Volume 4 (9) 2016 – Contents

Bukatov А.А. The problems of coastal area reconstruction of hersonissos

Bukhanovskiy A.V., Lopatoukhin L.J. Spectral wave marine climate I. History of the study, problem formulation, data input

Egorov A.V., Nigmatulin R.I., Rozhkov A.N. Deep-water experiments with natural gas hydrate

Zyryanov V.N., Kruglihin S.A. Nonlinear stefan problem on ice growth with air temperature oscillations

Klimov D.M., Karev V.I., Kovalenko Yu.F., Sidorin Yu.V. Deformation strength and filtration properties of rocks from deep horizons under the conditions of true triaxial loading

Matyushin P.V. The evolution of the stratified viscous fluid flows around starting body

Poluboyarinova E.M., Ivanova I.N., Budnikov A.A. The study of the stratification processes near the black sea oceanographic platform

Sokolov V.A. The principle of least action in an ocean currents diagnostic calculation

Terentiev E.N., Terentiev N.E. Modeling physical process and phenomena on the basis finit dimensional sampling theorems

Timonin V.I., Kurbatov R.A., Nosov V.N. One of the statisical methods of anomaly detection on the sea surface

Shirshin E.A., Tikhonova T.N., Budylin G.S., Fadeev V.V. Metal nanoparticles detection in aqueous solutions using laser-induced optical breakdown

Schreider A.A., Schreider Al.A., Klyuev M.S., Sajneva A.E. American–Antarctic continental bridge destruction