«Processes in GeoMedia» Volume 3 (7) 2016 – Contents

Arkhipova N.I., Semerikova N.P.  Transverse waves in a two-layer membrane with geometrical nonlinearity

Balandin D.V., Kotel’nikov I.V., Teklina L.G. Application of the pattern recognition methods to the problem of damping vibrations of high-rise buildings

Vikulin A.V. Rotational waves in block rotating environments (the case of geomedium)

Vinogradova Yu.V., Erofeev V.I., Leontieva A.V.  Evolution of elastic and thermoelastic nonlinear longitudinally rotational waves in the Cosserat medium

Dotsenko S.F., Ingerov A.V. Tsunami waves spectra at the Black sea shelf zone

Isachenko I.A., Gritsenko V.A.  On the features of the finite volume of dense water propagation in the freshwater environment along a bottom slope

Kistovich A.V. Capillary waves on the surface of a falling liquid drop

Malkhanov A.O. Magnetoelastic waves in a rod

Nikitin D.S., Khutorskoy M.D., Nikitin A.S. Non-contact thermal-physical properties measurements of rocks on TC14 device

Petrik G.G. Systematic approach to adequate equation of state search and non-standard first results

Sokolov V.A. Laws and properties of joint statistical distributions of fields of temperature and salinity in the North Atlantic and their use in oceanographic problems solution

Ustinov K.B. On application of models of plastic flow to description of inelastic behavior of anisotropic rocks