«Processes in GeoMedia» Volume 2 (6) 2016 – Contents

Bazykina A.Yu., Dotsenko S.F. Influence of nonlinearity and bottom friction on long waves in the channels of a variable сross-section

Bukatov A.E., Bukatov A.A., Babiy M.V. Solar activity manifestation in the variability of sea ice regional distribution in the antarctic

Elkin D.N., Kremenetskiy V.V., Zatsepin A.G. Laboratory study of horisontal mixing process between two river plumes at the kara sea shelf

Maksimochkin V.I., Gubaydullin R.R. Peculiarities of thermomagnetic properties of botsvana kimberlites

Pogrebnoi A.E. Horizontal turbulent flows of heat and salt in the black sea according to the mhi numerical model

Podymov I.S., Podymova T.M. The distribution of radon volumetric activity above the surface of the taman peninsula

Samodurov A.S., Ivanov V.A., Belokopytov V.N., Kulsha O.E. Modeling average annual vertical exchange in the black sea cold intermediate layer

Sidorin Yu.V., Ustinov K.B., Sirotin A.A., Kovalenko Yu.F., Karev V.I., Zaitsev A.V., Zhuravlev A.B. Experimental investigation of deformation of rocks in plane strain and plane stress

Schreider A.A., Schreider Al.A., Klyuev M.S., Evsenko E.I. High-resolution geoacoustic system for geological and archaeological study of the bottom

Chaplina T.O., Voloshina O.V., Stepanova E.V., Fadeev V.V. The fluorescent quality control of purification of water polluted by oil based on sheep wool sorbents