«Processes in GeoMedia» Volume 1 (5) 2016 – Contents

Voronina E.V. Features of seismotectonic stress and strain before strong earthquakes

Berezkin M.Yu., Zalikhanov A.M., Sinyugin O.A., Solovyev A.A., Chekarev K.V. Condensation water resources in nature

Budnikov A.A., Chaplina T.O., Stepanova E.V. Hydrophysical measurements methods applications in natural and experimental studies of processes in water systems

Bukatov A.E., Zav’yalov D.D., Solomaha T.A. Analysis of the dependence of ice drift in the Azov sea on changes of the values of drag coefficients for wind and water

Diansky N.A., Fomin V.V. Features of inertial currents during the storm on march 23-28, 2013 in the north-eastern part of the Black sea

Dunaev N.N. The factor of the newest tectonics in the dynamics of the coasts of the large aquatories of the land

Zapevalov A.S., Kul’sha O.E. Modeling infrasound acoustic spectrum generated by sea surface waves

Ivanov V.A., Katunina E.V., Sovga E.E. Assessment of anthropogenic impacts on the ecosystem of the waters of the Herakleian peninsula in the vicinity of deep drains

Kovalenko Yu.F., Ustinov K.B., Zhuravlev A.B. Stress-strain state in the vicinity of a perforated well with account for inelastic deformation

Krechik V.A., Gritsenko V.A. Thermal structure of the coastal waters of the Baltic sea near the north coast of the Kaliningrad region

Nosov V.N., Kaledin S.B., Ivanov S.G., Glebova T.V., Timonin V.I. On improving the efficiency of detection of anomaly, induced by marine underwater source, with the integrated use of laser-optical registration methods