Author guidelines of the scientific journal «Processes in GeoMedia» («Processy v Geosredah»)

when writing and designing manuscripts for submission to the editorial board


  1. The structure of the manuscript should include: title, name(s) of author(s), name of the institution where the study is performed, the abstract (summary) and keywords in Russian and English, brief introduction, objective of study, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions, list of references.
  2. Last-names of authors in English should be presented according to one of accepted international systems of transliteration. The services of the website can be used free of charge to make the transliteration from Russian letters into Latin ones.
  3. Bibliographic references in the text should be given in square brackets in order of their appearance in the text. The numbering of references is preserved in the reference list. The list of references should not consist of more than 20 sources, self-citations should not exceed 20%, references to the papers published in the scientific journal «Processes in GeoMedia» («Processy v Geosredah») are welcome.
  4. Manuscripts are accepted in formats DOC, DOCX, TXT, TeX. If the submission of manuscript requires other formats, the group of authors should address the editorial board of the journal.
  5. The volume of manuscript – 12 – 15 pages of A4-format, including tables, diagrams, figures and the list of references (Times New Roman font, 12 pt, line spacing – 1.5, all page margins (left, right, top, bottom) 2 cm).
  6. The manuscript’ corresponding indices of Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) have to be reported at the beginning of manuscript (the UDC tables are available in the libraries).
  7. The manuscript must be accompanied by abstracts. The abstract should include 100–250 words. The abstract should briefly state the subject of the study and principal results. The abstracts should not exceed 20 lines.
  8. All materials of the manuscript submitted to the editorial board (text, title, author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), abstract, keywords, references) must be translated into English.
  9. If the manuscript contains figures, graphs and tables, they must be inserted directly into the body of manuscript. All figures and tables should be numbered and provided with captions. The manuscript text should contain explicit references to each figure and table. Figures should be clear and precise, with distinct details. All illustrations should be made in grayscale or black and white. Color figures and photographs are not acceptable. Figure captions are printed in a text editor (not on the picture itself). Additions to the figures in a text editor are not acceptable.
  10. Additionally to placing all figures in the text the figures must be submitted as separate files (one figure – one file) of the corresponding graphic format (BMP, JPEG, EPS, etc.). Raster and vector illustrations are provided in files with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, the size on the larger side may not be less than 20 and more than 150 mm.
  11. Mathematical formulas and notations must be typed in the MathType or Microsoft Equation editors. The formulas should have consecutive numbering. The number have to be located on the right of the formula in parentheses. The formulas should have numbers only if are referenced in the text. The symbols interpretation should be given in order of appearance in the formula. The dots should be used as decimal fractions separator.
  12. The group of authors ensures correctness of all information about themselves, absence of plagiarism and other forms of unsound quotation in the manuscript, proper execution of all quotations of text, tables, charts, illustrations by submitting manuscript to the editorial board. The author(s) of published materials are responsible for the choice and accuracy of facts, quotations, statistical data and other information.
  13. Upon receipt of the notification on acceptance of a manuscript for printing, author(s) have to fill-in and sign the Author’s Contract and Personal data processing consent and send the scanned copy of the signed documents to the editorial board (to the e-mail address, and the hard copies of all the signed documents by mail (Vernadskogo ave., 101-1, Moscow, Russia 119526, IPMech RAS, Laboratory of Geomechanics) or with the courier (by prior arrangement).


Submission of manuscript to the editorial board for publication, entrants agree to the above requirements and to the publication of an article in the scientific journal “Processes in GeoMedia”.

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